Plugging away in their subterranean Logan Square lair since the late 90’s, local sonic architects The Infrasonics have seen fads come and go, styles of music become hip then passé then hip again. It’s not a ride they seem even remotely concerned with getting on. None of it seems to interest or influence them in the least. They do what they do, and what they’ve always done, which is creating masterful collections of head spinning, cinematic, electronic groove. They’ve got their own studio, they’ve got their own label, they’ve got their own sound. This is one truly independent band in every sense of the word. Watching them on stage you get the feeling that if the world wants in on what they’re doing, that’s fine, the more the merrier. If not, they would never even notice, too deep in the groove to be caught up in anything like that. The Infrasonics music is the sound of a late night drive through the city, a wild chase scene from rooftop to rooftop, an animated tale of kinky, twisted robot love. Theirs is music for the type of people who see movies in their head when they close their eyes.